Giganti Teaching Curriculum


This is the  Italian rapier teaching program for Stoccata School of Defence, Drummoyne. The material is strongly based on Scola, overo, Teatro by Nicoletto Giganti, which was published in Venice in 1606.

General Lesson Outline

Each lesson is 1 hour, with the individual lessons broken up into different activities as follows:

  • 5 minutes warm up and movement drills (see Warm Up Drills)
  • 15 minute review and repeat drills of previous week’s lesson
  • 35 minute lesson
  • 5 Minute review of day’s lesson


Lesson 1 – The Lunge
Lesson 2 – Gaining The Sword
Lesson 3 – Gain And Glide
Lesson 4 – Recovery From The Lunge
Lesson 5 – The Cavazione
Lesson 6 – The Contracavazione
Lesson 7 – The Feint
Lesson 8 – Counterpostures
Lesson 9 – Attacking on the Pass
Lesson 10 – Invitations
Lesson 11 – Inquartata
Lesson 12 – Cuts & Their Counters


3 thoughts on “Giganti Teaching Curriculum”

  1. Hello, Richard! I was wondering about the progress of the rapier lessons. I’d grown fond of your work with Giganti when I was a beginner in SCA rapier.

    1. I’ve got about half of them posted to the site. The rest have been written, but they are written as my teaching notes not as student notes. Since I’m teaching Italian Rapier again as part of my Stoccata School in Drummoyne they’ll be coming up onto the site as I get to those lessons.

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