These are the lesson notes for the classes held at Stoccata Epping and Stoccata Drummoyne on the use of Spadone, ie Italian Greatsword.

The actual weapon being studied came to prominence at the end of the 15th Century, and became a mainstay of European infantry throughout the 16th Century and into the 17th Century. It averaged in length from 150 cm to 180 cm. As described by Alfieri, it was typically as long as a man is tall.

Our course is based on the work of Francesco Alfieri’s treatise Lo Spadone. We’ll be working from Ken Mondshein’s translation.


  1. Guards, Basic Cuts and Footwork
  2. Extended Footwork, Recovery into Hanging Guard & Thrusts
  3. Redoubled Actions
  4. Serpentines, Thrust Feints with Circular Cuts
  5. Consolidation Drills
  6. 3 Step Cutting, Counterattacks
  7. Thrust on 2nd Intention
  8. Feints
  9. Restricted Target Bouting
  10. Reinforcing the Parry – Riposte Response
  11. Molinelli
  12. More Molinelli Applications
  13. Redoubled Actions Revision
  14. Introduction to Counterattacks
  15. The Thrust in 2nd Intention
  16. Thrust Provocations

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