Spadone – Lesson 5


This was a consolidation lesson, to start putting a lot of the solo drills we have been doing into context, demonstrating how much space they actually control. The drills are all mostly actions done as solo drills, but now we’re performing them as partner drills

4 Cuts Partner Drill

  1. Partner drill, attacker back to wall, defender facing wall.
  2. Attacker steps forward cutting the 4 true edge cuts (mandritto, riverso, rising mandritto, rising riverso).
  3. Defender retreats parrying with the 4 true edge cuts
    Switch roles at the end of the hall

Note: The attacker is using Alfieri’s basic techniques on wielding the sword from Chapter 7, and the defender is using the Alfieri’s parrying technique from Chapter 20.

Pass & Turn Target Drill

  1. Drill in groups of 3, with attacker in centre.
  2. Attacker works through the pass and turn drill (see Spadone – Lesson 1), working through the 4 true edge cuts.
  3. Defenders at either end parry using Head Guard or rising cuts. Defender will have to correct the distance when the attacker switches which foot is stepping.
  4. Switch roles after the attacker has done all 4 cuts, and continue until all 3 partners have been the attacker.

Note: This is demonstrating Alfieri’s technique from Chapter 8, how to defend oneself in an ordinary street.

Redoubled Cut Drill with Partner

  1. Partner drill, attacker back to the wall, defender facing wall.
  2. Attacker steps forward with the right foot throwing redoubled mandritti (see Spadone – Lesson 3).
  3. Defender steps back with the left foot parrying with Head Guard then Hanging Guard.
  4. Repeat, using redoubled riversi on a left step forwards, and the defender stepping back with the right foot.
  5. Continue until you reach the end of the hall them switch roles moving back to the start.

Cut and Recover to Hanging Guard

  1. Partner drill, both in Right Guard, Point Forward.
  2. Attacker throws mandritto without moving the feet.
  3. Defender parries with Right Hanging Guard, and ripostes with mandritto.
  4. Attacker parries with Right Hanging Guard, and ripostes with mandritto.
  5. Repeat 5 times each.
  6. Switch to Left Guard, point Forwards and repeat the sequence throwing riverso with recovery to Left Hanging Guard.

Serpentine Cuts as Parry Riposte

  1. Paired drill, both starting in Right Guard, Point Behind.
  2. Attacker steps in throwing mandritto to the head.
  3. Defender parries with Left Head Guard, and then ripostes with riverso to the head. This action makes the tip of the sword travel in an S-shape, and hence is called a serpentine.
  4. Repeat 5 times then switch roles.
  5. Repeat the sequence for riverso, rising mandritto and rising riverso with each blow being countered by serpentine parry riposte. Note the rising cut riposte is to the lower body.

Next week everyone needs to bring vambraces

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