Sword & Buckler Teaching Curriculum

This is the teaching curriculum class notes for the Bolognese swordsmanship classes in sword & buckler fencing taught at Stoccata School of Defence, Drummoyne. Sword and buckler is the foundation weapon for the Bolognese swordsmanship taught at the school. It is based on Antonio Manciolino's Opera Nova published in 1531.

Lesson 1 – Basic Footwork and Defining the Cuts
Lesson 2 – Redoubled Cuts from Guardia Alta
Lesson 3 – Universal Defensive Actions
Lesson 4 – Falso Parry Part 1
Lesson 5 – Falso Parry Part 2
Lesson 6 – Montante Thrust from Guardia Alta
Lesson 7 – Tramazzone from Guardia Alta
Lesson 8 – Riverso from Sopra il Braccio
Lesson 9 – Provocation with a Thrust
Lesson 10 – Review & Consolidation
Lesson 11 – Falso Parry & Riposte
Lesson 12 – Thrust Provocations
Lesson 13 – Falso Parry & Riposte against Thrust & Riverso
Lesson 14 – The Slip
Lesson 15 – Elsa e Tira


6 thoughts on “Sword & Buckler Teaching Curriculum”

  1. Richard thank you so much for breaking down the complex system of Manciolino into bite-sized pieces so that the neophyte can grasp them.

    I have managed to talk some friends of mine into learning swordsmanship and we’re going to use this curriculum as it makes everything so easily understandable even though none of us has any experience.

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