Welcome to Renaissance Fence

This website is dedicated to exploring the European martial arts of the Renaissance. I'm specifically interested in the works of the Bolgnese masters from the Dardi School, and the works of the Italian Masters describing the use of the rapier. I'll be providing updates to my research on these fencing masters, as well as updates on my publication schedules.

You can contact me either via phone (+61 407 917 497) or email (rcullinanau@gmail.com).

If you're in Sydney, feel free to get in touch as I run Stoccata Drummoyne, which is dedicated to Italian Swordsmanship on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I also teach classes at Stoccata Epping on Mondays, and may be available during other times of the week for private lessons, depending on work committments.

Richard Cullinan