Chapter 2 – Manciolino’s Sword and Buckler

This is a rewording of Manciolio’s sword and buckler material into a standard technical language.

Section 1 – Gioco Largo

The first section is the offensive and defensive plays from the various Guardie outlined by Manciolino, which forms the basis of the plays of Gioco Largo.

Section 2 – Gioco Stretto

The second section is the plays of false edge to false edge and true edge to true edge, which forms the basis of the plays of Gioco Stretto.

Section 3 – The Assalti

The Assalti or progressions are one of the teaching methods used in period, and still used by many Eastern martial arts. The idea is to perform the assault as a method for learning how to flow from one guard to another, reinforcing fundamental actions of the system.

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