Friday Fitness update 29 Jan 2016

Well another week has closed out, with definite progress on the calisthenic front.

Push ups are progressing well, and my next session I'll be aiming for the intermediate standard of level 2. This has been really surprising as push ups was never my strong exercise.

Pull ups are making me work hard, and I'm meeting the beginner standard for level 2 and it'll be a steady but slow progress for improvement by the look of it. Got to use the new door frame pull up bar, which is working a treat.

Leg raises are my weakest exercise with little actual improvement, but the exercise itself is getting smoother which bodes well for future progress. When I tried this last time, I had to get it smooth before I managed to add any reps beyond my starting level. I guess I'm training all those abdominal muscles to stabilise my torso.

Squats are a surprise. Shoulderstand squats are hard for me, but I'm quickly finding my balance now and adding gradual improvement in rep numbers each session. I'm also slowly increasing the depth of the squat so that's a good thing as well.

The off days has been problematic, due to my calf injury. I've only been managing gentle walking whilst it heals, so no real aerobic workout to speak of. That aside, I've had a weight drop this week of 0.7 kg, hitting the 98.8 kg mark so something is going right despite the injury.

Well let's see what next week brings.