Welcome to the new Renaissance Fence website

Well first post on the new WordPress platform. I’ve decided to not use gpEasy for the site moving forward, as I realised I wanted to use the site more for blogging content than I did want to use it for maintaining static pages. Don’t get me wrong, gpEasy was a fantastic tool and I highly recommend it. It’s just not the right CMS tool for what will be primarily a blogging platform.

The biggest difference I get is I can categorise and tag the blog posts, which will make searching a lot easier. This functionality was missing in gpEasy.

In the move, I’ve also made the decision to not reinstate the SCA teaching curriculum for Italian Rapier. It’s no where near complete, and we haven’t done any work on it in years. Most of the old content will return, and I’m working on getting it all in place.

So what’s prompting the move to more blogging? In a nutshell, I’m trying to write up and publish my Bolognese Swordsmanship material as how-to instruction guides for people, as well as setting up my own branch of Stoccata for concentrating on the Italian Swordsmanship teaching. Blogging will be large part of the communication strategy.

Well that’s enough from me, I’m going to get back to finishing the site migration.