Bolognese Sword & Buckler Curriculum – Lesson 10

Lesson 10 – Review of Term 1

This lesson is a review lesson, to reinforce the key actions we have been working on over the term. Most students should be reasonably competent with the following actions.

Basic Redoubled Cuts

  • Mandritto & riverso from Guardia Alta using passing steps.
  • Redoubled mandritti from Guardia Alta using expand & contract footwork, passing through Guardia d'Alicorno.
  • Mandritto, rising riverso & fendente from Guardia Alta on a pass & traverse.
  • Fendente & Tramazzone from Guardia Alta on a gathering step forward.

Basic Defences

  • True edge parry with Guardia di Testa, from Porta di Ferro Stretta.
  • Falso parry to Sopra il Braccio, from Porta di Ferro Stretta.
  • False edge parry to Guardia di Faccia, from Porta di Ferro Stretta or Sopra il Braccio.

Basic Provocation with a thrust

  • Thrust & riverso to thigh on a left pass from Porta di Ferro Stretta.
  • Thrust and tramazzone on a pass & traverse from Porta di Ferro Stretta.
  • Thrust, rising riverso and mandritto on a pass & traverse from Porta di Ferro Stretta.

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2 thoughts on “Bolognese Sword & Buckler Curriculum – Lesson 10”

  1. Thanks for posting Richard.

    How do you teach the different guards to new students? All at once or just as they come up from cuts originating from Alta?

    1. I teach them as they come up. The idea is to teach cut from this guard to that guard, and then people start to understand that guards are places you cut to or pass through during an action.

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